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Haven’t done a blog entry in a long while, so figured I’d put up a post about the changes we’ve made in the last 6 months! We’ve come a long way since starting this venture back in February. From physical changes in the store to our presence online.


I’ve slowly begun to learn more on WordPress for the website to grow a bit more in look and hopefully feels easier to use from my beginning of it, though still pretty basic. I feel better that I’ve finally gotten more pictures of the store as well as showing off more videos and even added a full gallery of the generation of consoles! Other online fronts we’ve developed the Facebook page and are finally beginning to get some draw from others not just friends and family of Jody and I! We’re using it more as a promotional tool at this time and to chat to the customer base. Feel free to check us out from the link for Facebook! Final change to our online presence so far is we’re also producing many videos for both YouTube and Twitch! I link some to the main page, but you can access both from their respective link as well.

Physical store:

From the pictures we are showing, and you can see lots more on the Facebook page! We’ve finished the main construction on both the store front as well the gaming room area! We also now have the front room shelving up to hold the games, unfortunately its a bit more than the shelf can handle for now it will do as we continue to develop the remainder. To add to the store front’s shelving WinchesterPC has given us one of their glass cases to add to our displays, and we’ve also gotten the peg board up for hanging accessories and other sales items that easier to hang rather than sitting on a shelf. We also decided to keep the standard book shelf for display as well, but it will eventually be painted to match the rest of the shelving eventually as well to make everything mesh color wise! With the game room done painting wise we have also begun to add more shelving for the storage and will be adding more as we get them completed and put up. As I’m currently prepping and painting more for the overhead storage and to improve the looks of the current game & console shelves will follow. The gaming PC has also been changed into a newer case to look much better than the old server case we originally put it in due to keep it as cheaply cost wise as possible, we didn’t like the look to the old case, so felt it needed to be updated to match the “gaming” feel for the store. It also got some added bling to it to add to the led lights on the video card, it now has a full light bar system inside to light it up even more!

Changes to come:

As for where we’re going, we’re doing the cosmetic changes we can with what we have currently. Mainly the painting and restructuring of the rooms shelving and furniture at this time, but as we get more funding going we hope to add more game/console sales shelves to the other walls opposite of the gaming area as well as work to get more noticed for better Tournament turnouts and playing! Once the painting is complete we hope to get the two rooms less “cluttered” to make the game play more pleasurable as well as make our events house more people!

Sales & Services:

Currently we are open for Sales and accepting any and all commission sales as well! Even with the limited area for the display, we have room to add more as we adjust we will become bigger and bigger as we expand! Services currently we are limited to any PC work can be done by our partners at WinchesterPC, but we also are offering game disk cleaning and repairs. Our machine take about 10 minutes to run through its different cycles, but works pretty well for a smaller cleaning system. We hope to purchase a much bigger one in the future as funding allows as well. Currently we are still taking any donations for support, as well any games, accessories, and consoles as well. We’ve reached a halting point to be able to do any major purchasing at this time unfortunately, but are getting sales with the little promoting we are doing so hopefully between donations and this we will be able to do more than just commission sales for the customers as soon as possible!

Closing notes:

So I would like to thank everyone for their help in our little venture, its been tiring and very eventful these last few months! But as we progress more its coming more and more along to be quite a nice looking store! I would also like to thank Jody as well since she has been putting alot of time into the paperwork, as well has pretty much been the financial backing to where we are today as well! Its been a stretch on us all, but more so for her I’m sure as she is putting her credit towards getting us up and running. Also would like to thank the other good friends and of course my family for their patience and support as I have pretty much taken all my “extra” finances and placed it into helping WinchesterPC get stronger in its production for the Internet and PC repair/sales, as well as what little I could offer to PIAG to get it to where we are today.

Thanks for reading my little blog, hope to do more in the future!

Ronnie – Aka. Crimix

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