About Us

Humble Beginnings, Large Hopes

We started planning Play It Again Games in January/February of 2017, as a response to what happened to another retro type of game store that had went under in our area. We started with what we wanted to do, make a place for gamers to go and play as well as be the place where you could find games of all sorts. We had wanted to have board games, card games, and all video games, but realized we should start small.

So instead we focused on a getting a place and getting the basic supplies for video games, since that’s the current need as there isn’t many places to get anything older than a year or two’s worth. We found our current location in May and had to remodel it some to fit our needs, opening only the front section for playing and sales.

In June of 2017, we opened up the rest of the store, being fully opened by that first weekend. To expand our name, we are on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Twitch, and our own site. We play old games and new on the Youtube and Twitch, to help showcase some old favorites and discover new ones.

Even now, we continue to grow and expand our selection of games and supplies for the retro and newer gamers’ need. We are trying to look out for our customer’s needs so feel free to make comments, suggestions, or place an order with us. Or stop by and play on the many systems we have available in store with any games on the shelf or bring your own.

Current Selections and Features We Offer:

We have games for the Atari 2600, to Nintendo systems, to Playstation systems, to Xbox systems! Along with a moderate selection of handheld games for the DS, Gameboy Advance, PSP, and even Game Gear.

Our selection of Consoles for sale is expansive as well! We try to keep the mainlines in stock and functional, testing and fixing anything that needs some attention before going onto the shelves.

We now offer a wide selection of accessories for video game consoles. From extra controllers, to AV/HDMI cords, to even memory cards for the older systems. If we don't have it, we can try and get it for you!

We also offer Disk Cleaning services at this time for any game disk that needs a little TLC. And can clean old cartridges easily! We cannot repair Blu ray Disks or Gamecube Disks at this time.

We have every console we can hooked up for play here in store. Customers can enjoy some game time or test out any product before making a decision on our old and newer tvs for the corresponding systems. We even have a VR set for the PS4! (Along with games kept in stock just for the VR)

Want something we don't have currently? Order with us and know that we will test out and fix anything you wanted before giving you a call!

Quality is our promise, with some understanding given that these are mostly retro titles and older objects and may be harder to keep pristine.